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Building a house or villa in Holland

Building a house or villa in Holland

How to build your house in Holland?

Are you planning to build a house in Holland? Then it is good to know how building a house in Holland works. Dennis Kemper, the architect from 01 Architecten can tell you all about it.

First of all you need a piece of land where you can build your new home. In Holland there is a ‘bestemmingsplan’ which is the legal status of that piece of land. It is a map and a description with information where you can build, and where not. And when you have the possibility to build, you can’t build everywhere and everything you like. Most primary things like height and distance from the building to the parcel edges are written down in the ‘bestemmingsplan’ .

That’s not all. When you want to build your house, you need the permission of the ‘welstand’. This is a committee which decides wether a building is  beautifull enough to see. Or not. And then you don’t get a permit to build. 01 Architecten can help you with this.

To get a permit, the house you’re planning to build, has to be good to live in. In order to decide what’s good enough, the government has written down rules in the ‘bouwbesluit’. There are rules about health (think of ventilation), safety (think of the strength of a building),  the use (think of things as: is the toilet big enough, is there enough daylight) and energy (think of insulation of the walls and the total energy consumption of the building).

Building your new house with a builder of an architect?

When you’re planning to build a house in Holland, you can do this by going to a builder. Or you can go to an architect. When you want a basic plan, a building company can be the easiest way. But when it is a bit more difficult, it is logical to go to an architect. The architect will look at the piece of land and thinks of orientation, the street appearance, the way you live in the building and lots more. In Holland an architect doesn’t build. So the architect is your personal advisor. And will help you through the process. And when things are beyond the work of an architects, he advices where to go to.

Communication during the process of building your villa in Holland

Modern communication tools make it easy to communicate during the process of designing and building your new home. 01 Architecten has done this a couple of times before with clients from Germany, Hong Kong and U.S.A. Most of the time Skype and mail is sufficient. And there is always a moments that you come to Holland and we can have a conversation face to face.  Most clients are native dutch speaking. But it is also possible for me to speak English.

01 Architecten is located in Overijssel. In Nijverdal. This is in the eastern part of Holland. But Holland is small, it’s just an one and a half hour drive from the east to the western part, so it doesn’t make a lot of difference where you want to build in Holland.

Want to build your new house in Holland? Give me a ring (0031 6 186 79 772). You can also mail me: